Human Rights Commission calls for ban on intersex child surgeries | How has Texas banned abortions? | Vic LGBTIQ Commissioner #FabJab interview | Vic private prison nominated for trans inclusion award | The Informer – 21 Oct 2021

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– The Australian Human Rights Commission has released a report recommending non-medically necessary interventions on intersex children be banned until they are able to give consent. We speak with intersex advocate, Tony Briffa, who has been calling for the changes for years.

– Although abortion was ruled a constitutional right in the US in the 1970s, opponents have long tried to restrict access through various state legislation. Texas has passed laws so strict it’s essentially a de facto ban. We investigate how women’s constitutional rights have been circumvented.

– New pop-up Covid vaccination clinics specifically tailored for the queer community open this week. We speak with Victoria’s new LGBTIQ Commissioner, Todd Fernando, about why vaccination clinics for the queer community are helpful, and about the impact lockdowns have had on the queer community.

– A private prison in Victoria was nominated for a trans inclusion award, angering some in the queer and First Nations communities.