Episode 6: LGBTIQ+ Federal Election Forum


In this special episode of The Latest in LGBTIQ+ Health and Wellbeing, we’re bringing you a recording of the National LGBTIQ+ Election Forum, co-presented by LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, Equality Australia, the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, and Intersex Human Rights Australia, and hosted by ABC journalist and broadcaster Patricia Karvelas at the Victorian Pride Centre in Melbourne.

While much progress has been made for LGBTIQ+ people over the past decades, there are still many things left to do to ensure LGBTIQ+ communities’ rights are protected and to reduce the serious disparities in health and wellbeing.

The forum panel, made of Greens Senator Janet Rice, Labor Senator Penny Wong, and Senator Andrew Bragg of the Liberal Party, answered questions from LGBTIQ+ people and community-controlled organisations about discrimination protections and challenging prejudice, how their government would invest in our communities’ health and wellbeing, and preventing harmful medical practices on intersex people.

Note: There were a couple of issues with technology on the evening. We have tried to repair the audio, however you may hear a couple of errors. We apologise for this. 

This podcast was produced by JOY – Australia’s Rainbow Community Media Organisation.