The Sound of Summer #12: The Australian Ballet, Sydney Mardi Gras and MQFF


Oh Hey! Coming to you live from the queue of the Mardi Gras toilets, it’s Jaqueline Mifsud and Dan Roberts.

On this our penultimate 12th episode.. does that work? We talk to two lovely boys from The Australian Ballet, Drew Hedditch and Brodie James.

We also speak to Susan Charlton, the curator of an amazing exhibition featured at this years Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras titled The Museum of Love and Protest.

Rounding off the show are Caitlin Farrugia and Eva Seymore from the film “So Long” which premiered at this year’s Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

We play “I’m a celebrity blah blah blah” with the ballet boys and our year of tunes was 2010.

This episode brought to you by “attempts at live radio.”