The Sound of Summer #13: Chillout Festival and Glenn Dunks


Oh Hey! Remember us? The greatest and most popular radio show the world has ever seen? well we’re back, back, back again and this one is a serious cracker!

We talk to Annie Stewart, a resident of Daylesford in Victoria. She’s a story teller.. and boy has she got some things to say.. or does she?

Glenn Dunks, movie critic extraordinaire, gives us his top five picks for this years Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

Finally, we speak to Jesse from Drag King group, Kong’s Kings… ever wondered how drag kings pad? Well this is the show for you!

This year is Chillout Festival’s 21st birthday, so we thought we’d choose music that was huge¬†when Dan and Jacq turned 21. Did you know Dan was punched in the face on his 21st? More on that later.

This episode brought to you by “Things we’re promoting that have already happened”


This episode of The Sound of Summer aired on JOY 94.9 on Saturday the 10th of March 2018.