The Sound of Summer #14: Jennifer Gerber, Donna Collins and Simon Carter


Oh Hey! Is this is on? Tough crowd… zinger?

Yes it’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival time and boy oh boy have we got some great talent to stick in your ear holes?!

Up and coming comedians Donna Collins and Simon Carter are both in today to talk about their respective MICF shows. They’re really funny… trust babies,┬átrust.

We also go international darling, with American film director Jennifer Gerber who came in fresh off the plane from LA to talk to us about her film “The Revival.”

This eek we couldn’t be bothered to choose a year for tunes so we thought stuff it, lets just play music we like! Dan chose Gaga and Jacq chose Robyn… so the guys are pretty cool.

This episode brought to you by the slur “dancer boy.”

This episode of The Sound of Summer aired on JOY 94.9 on Saturday the 17th of March 2018.