The Sound of Summer #15: Jacqueline’s Process, Phil Wang and Vicky Hanlon


Do you like comedians? Do you like musical theatre? Do you like extended summer programming? Then this show is for you bae!

On this episode of The Sound of Summer Jacqueline and Dan discuss their own processes of writing comedy and auditioning for musical theatre.

Jacqueline’s show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is called “Be Better!”… get tickets at .. you know you want too!

Vicky Hanlon, one of Melbourne’s leading comedy producers comes in to chat about the many hats she wears in the comedy world and what it’s like to represent up and coming comedians at the festival.

Finally we’re joined on the phone by the amazing Phil Wang. Phil by name, Wang (lets leave the rest of the joke to him).

This episode brought to you by Phil Wang .. not that he knows that… so shut up guys!


This episode of The Sound of Summer aired on JOY 94.9 on Saturday the 24th of March.