The Sound of Summer #16: Steve Bugeja, Kate Willett and Gillian English


The Sound of Summer is still blaring people!!

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has kicked off and the lols can be heard from The Melbourne Town Hall all the way to… Iceland? I dunno.

Hey we’ve got three awesome comedians in this week’s episode and they all have shows on now! Yes! Right this second!!

UK comedian Steve Bugeja joins us first to talk about his show “Summer Camp” and his love for dumplings.

US comedian Kate Willett is here as part of Headliners and while she might have a hard time describing her “comic style” we’d say funny is a definite!

Finally, hang around for the comedy stylings of Canadian comedian Gillian English who is here to entertain you, your kids and teach you how to kill people.

For details and tickets go www.comedyfestival.com.au

Also, this episode aired on International Transgender Day of Visibility, so for our weekly tunes, we chose two awesome Transgender artists. Listen out for Laith Ashley’s “Can’t Wait” and Shea Diamond’s “I Am Her.”

This episode brought to you by Tim Tam bongs.

This episode of The Sound of Summer aired on JOY 94.9 on Saturday the 31st of March.