14 December 2014



Show 214

Your Big Assed Mother by The Wonder Stuff. Off their 1993 album, their 4th, Construction for the Modern Idiot.

Living Inside Myself by Gino Vannelli.  I’m sure I knew this, but he’s Canadian, from Montreal.  This was a 1981 single.

Drove all Night by Cindy Lauper.  The song was originally written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly for Roy Orbison, who recorded it in 1987, but his rendition was not released until 1992, after the song had become a top 10 hit for Cyndi Lauper in 1989…only 11 here.  It was also included on her 3rd solo album, A Night to Remember.

Madness by Madness.  It’s a cover of an early ska tune by Prince Buster and the reason Madness picked the band name.  Then they covered the tune, too. 1979.

Skeleton Key by Wendy & Lisa.  Request. 1990

Gloria by Laura Brannigan.  Branigan 1982.  stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for 36 weeks, at the time a record for a female artist. The song holds a place in the top 100 singles of both 1982 and 1983.  The Eng version is actually a cover of an Italian song, with Americanised lyrics.

All Touch by Rough Trade. From their 1981 album, For Those Who Think Young. It was their third…and they’re Canadian.

Rain by Madonna.  From 1992s Erotica, her 5 studio album, which coincided with the release of the Sex book.

I want Your Hands on Me by Sinead O’Connor.  Request. 1987

Hobart Paving by Saint Etienne. 1993 single from their 2nd album, So Tough.

Aussies – Kiwis I’ve never played…doing the research for this show I discovered that 2 members of Berlin, Paul Robinson and Mark Gillett, are Kiwis!  Who knew?

*Key to My Heart by Angela Ayers.  She’d been a bit of a star in her native NZ in the early 70s and then disappeared, reappearing again at the end of the decade in Australia, where she put out a couple of singles.  This was the first, from Interfusion records in 1979.

*Gutter Black by Hello Sailor. From their 1977 self-titled debut album.  Hello Sailor evolved out of a variety of other local Auckland bands in the mid-70s and went on to try to make it in the US, Aus and the UK…failing all 3 times.  They did a farewell in NZ in 1982.

*Melting Pot by When the Cat’s Away.  Kiwi female supergroup that got together in 1986 when already well-known musicians Annie Crummer, Debbie Harwood, Dianne Swann, Margaret Urlich and Kim Willoughby decided to play together. This was their best known hit, a 1988 cover of Blue Mink’s 1969 classic.

*Tears by The Crocodiles. The 1980 title track to their only album.  They didn’t do much, though Jenny Morris and Bruno Lawrence, two well-known Kiwi musicians, did start with these guys.

*River Deep, Mountain High by Allison Durbin. 1995 live track. She’d had quite the career, singing pop in NZ in the 1960s and early 70s and then country in Australia through the 80s.  This is on a compilation of Australian women so I guess she stuck around here…but she’s definitely a Kiwi, born in Auckland.

*Yesterday was Just the Beginning of My Life by Mark Williams. His 1975 hit, written by Vanda & Young for somebody else.  But Mark recorded it and turned it into a no. 1 NZ hit; it stayed on the charts for 6 months.

I Want to Break Free by Queen.  Request.  1984

The Whistle Song by Frankie Knuckles…a nickname my partner wants to have.  Best known as a DJ who helped birth house music in the 80s and popularise it in the 90s. This track is from his 1991 debut album, Beyond the Mix.

Unsafe Building by The Alarm.  Request. 1981. Non-album single debut.

A Million Miles Away by The Plimsouls. 1983 single from the Valley Girl soundtrack, which allowed it to become a bit of an indie hit. It was also on their second album, Everywhere at Once, also from 1983. They formed in California in 1978 around members Peter Case, Dave Pahoa and Louie Ramírez.

Things you left Behind by The Nails.  1986 single by this six piece New Wave band that formed in Boulder, Colorado, during the mid 1970s. In Colorado, they were originally named The Ravers, and their roadie, Eric Boucher, later became known as Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys. A Bill Young song…