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Show 219 – an extra 30 minutes!

He’s the Greatest Dancer by Sister Sledge. Second single from their 1979 album We Are Family, their 3rd. Live recording.

Folly by Camper Von Beethoven.  Another track from a cassette recording from a show I did back in 1986. It was indeed released that year, on the California group’s third album, a self-titled affair.

Two Tribes (Annihilation mix) by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  Second single by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, released in May 1984, from the album Welcome to the Pleasuredome.  This is the Annihilation mix from the 12” single. The song’s title derives from the line “when two great warrior tribes go to war”, from the film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

Daughter by Pearl Jam.  Request.

One Way Ticket to Pluto by Dead Kennedys. From their 1986 album Bedtime for Democracy.

Hollywood (Africa) by Red Hot Chili Peppers.  1985 single from their second album, Freaky Styley.  It’s a cover of the song “Africa” by The Meters, from their album Rejuvenation in 1974.

Walking Away by Information Society. Their 3rd single, released in 1988. It was also on their self-titled major label debut…after 2 indie releases.

Love in Store by Fleetwood Mac.  From their 13th studio album, released in June 1982.  Following a hiatus of over a year after the completion of the worldwide Tusk tour, the band temporarily relocated to Château d’Hérouville in France to record this 12-track collection.  This was the 3rd single released by the band in the US, but it never got out in the UK…don’t know about here.

*Kare Kare by Crowded House.  Request.

Feel your Love by Alanis Morrissette.  3rd single released from her 1991 debut album, Alanis, part of a 2 album contract with MCA for dance albums.  They were only released in Canada and many consider Jagged Little Pill her debut…but they’re wrong.

Temptation by New Order.  1982 non-album single..their only release that year.

Holiday by Madonna.  Request.

Let’s Bury Bob by Screaming Broccoli. Vermont punk band from the 80s. The b-side to this single was I Made Love to a Vulcan and was also awesome…but can’t find it.  My uni radio station had the 45 and I played it a lot…my digitized copy is crap so I’m really glad to have found this!

Don’t Want to Know if you’re Lonely by Husker Du.  From their 1986 album Candy Apple Grey…though I have to admit to knowing it from the 2009 nostalgia film Adventureland, which is about a bunch of kids working in an amusement park…much like I did in 1986!  It was spooky…though not really much like my experience at all except for the music.

Make that Move by The Rockats. 1983 single.  The band was originally Levi and the Rockats but when founding member Levi Dexter moved on to a solo career, the Rockats continued to play punk rockabilly without him.  They were from the UK but have worked out of NY for decades.

Tribal Dance by 2 Unlimited.  Request.

I found Someone by Cher.  Request.

Aussies that are new to me…

*I Closed my Eyes by The Dumb Earth. Their 1995 debut. They were from Adelaide but base themselves here in Melbourne. David Creese and Chris Willard are the mainstays.

*She is Like a Cloud by Lizard Train.  Before they were The Dumb Earth, Creese and Willard were this band…from 1986 till 95. At that time they were based on Adelaide. This is a 1988 single that was included on a flexi disc which came with issue 34 of The Bob Magazine, published in the US in 1988.

*Fight Like the Devil by Trilogy. 1985 live at the WA Music Awards show, where they won best album of the year for Life on Earth.  These guys are from Perth and cite Rush as their inspiration.

*Crash Sweet Crash by The Bad Poets. Another Adelaide band from the 1980s, this time the early years, 1980-1. They recorded a number of demos but only had this one official release – an original song – as part of “5MMM’s Compilation Album Of Adelaide Bands 1980”, put together by community station 5MMM, now Three D Radio.

*Turn Turn Turn by 12 Strings for Jesus. I believe this is the only recording of the duo Bill Grose and Steve Separovich, both from Adelaide band The Preytells, my final band in the 6-pack. It was 1990.

*Step Up by The Preytells. This is the Adelaide-based Preytells from the early 90s and not the Perth Preytells from a decade later. This is a 1990 or 91 studio track that was never officially released but has made the rounds recently.

Iron John by Alphaville.  Request.

Everything She Wants by Wham!  Request.

State of Independence by Donna Summer.  Request.

A song from Under the Floorboards by Magazine.  1980 single from the next band from Howard Devoto after he left the Buzzcocks.  This was the last track on their 3rd album, The Correct Use of Soap.

High Hopes by The Havalinas. The first track on their 1990 debut album.


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