4 January 2015



Show 217

The Lodgers by Style Council. 1985 single from Our Favourite Shop, which was called Internationalists in the US for some reason, and was their third studio album.

Babe by Styx. Request.  1980

Be Still my Beating Heart by Sting.  Request.

Let the River Run by Carly Simon. From the 1989 film Working Girl.  This is the version that ran over the opening credits. It was such a pivotal film for people my age in the US…it came out just as we were graduating from uni and it was sooo depressing…

I’m Yours Tonight by Audrey Wheeler.  Request. 1991

I Need Money Bad by John Whitehead.  Request.

Changes by Sugar.  1992 debut single and track from the debut album, Copper Blue. Sugar was led by the singer and guitarist Bob Mould (from Hüsker Dü, and openly gay as I’ve noted in the past), alongside bassist David Barbe  and drummer Malcolm Travis. They performed first in Athens, GA after rehearsing in REM’s studio space.

Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel. 1979 single that hit no. 1 in the UK. It was on his 4th solo album, Fate for Breakfast.

Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol. 1984 single from Rebel Yell, his second solo studio album.  His real name is William Michael Albert Broad and he first came to prominence as a band member in Generation X, though he started in the band Chelsea in 1976.

3-D Dance by Trans X. First track on Living on Video, their 1981 debut album.

Aussies – top Aussies from the 3XY music survey on 4 Jan 1980

*Computer Games by Mi-Sex. Logged in as the highest Aus/NZ track on 4 Jan 1980 at no. 6. It was a 1979 single from Graffiti Crimes, NZ band’s first album.

*A Little Boy’s Christmas Prayer by Keith McGowan.  No. 15 on 4 Jan 1980. Keith was a Melbourne radio personality who died in Dec 2013, he was 70.

*Choir Girl by Cold Chisel.  No. 16 on that list.  It’s from their 1980 album, East, though the single came out late in 1979.

*Goosebumps by Christie Allen.  Her best selling, highest charting single, it was the second release from her debut album from 1979, Magic Rhythm.  It reached no. 3 in Sept 1979 and was one of Mushroom records’ biggest successes at the time.  It was still at no. 17 by 4 Jan.

*Confrontation by The Aliens.  A band I’ve not played before! This track was no. 18 on the Aussie chart on 4 Jan 1980.  They were a Melbourne band that formed in April 1978. They were one of the first local bands of the late 1970s to adopt a “uniform” of “black clothes and skinny, white ties”. This is their debut single from Dec 1979.

*Beautiful People by Australian Crawl.  No. 19. This was their debut single, which came out in 1979.  It was also on their 1980 debut album, The Boys Light Up.

All Together Now by The Farm. This 1990 track took its inspiration from the Christmas Day Truce in World War I where on Christmas Day 1914 soldiers from both sides put their weapons down and met in no-mans-land to exchange gifts and play football. The Liverpool-based band formed in 1983 but didn’t put out a full length album till 1991, Spartacus, which included this track.

Swear by Tim Scott. 1983 debut solo effort after he left the Rockats. He is also known as Tim McConnell and Ledfoot.  He went on to form the Havalinas in1989.

Goodbye Seventies by Yaz(oo).   Upstairs at Eric’s (1982) is Yazoo’s first album produced by the band and E.C. Radcliffe, and where Clarke and Moyet lived during its production.   This is 1 of only 3 songs on the album written by Alison Moyet. It’s one of my faves.

Pictures on My Wall by Echo and the Bunnymen.  From their 1980 album, Crocodiles. Saved on a cassette of a show I did on radio with 2 friends in 1986…

Song for a future Generation by the B52s.  From Whammy, their third studio album, released in 1983.

Life’s Too Good by The Resistors.  From their 1991 album Life’s Too Good. German punk from the early 90s that I found looking for a track from a different band, I think, called The Resistors…it was Too Many Dykes and hilarious! My version on cassette is really distorted and I’d love a new one…

Rock Me Amadeus by Falco.  1985 recording on Falco3 for the Austrian singer who also brought us the original Der Kommissar…and that’s about it.