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You Got the Love by Candi Staton. Originally produced in 1986 she’s reissued it a number of times in 1991 and 1997…I’m hoping this is the original!  She’s American and considered a soul and gospel singer…with 28 albums and more than 30 singles to her credit.

Candy by Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson. Request.

Candi by Ween. From the 1994 album, Chocolate and Cheese. It was the 4th for this progressive rock band from the Ween brothers, Gene and Dean…surely pseudonyms?

I should have Known Better by Jim Diamond. His first and most successful solo single after leaving the band he formed in 1982, PhD. This was 1984.

Luka by Suzanne Vega. Like Tom’s Diner this track is from her second album Solitude Standing, 1987. Vega has recorded 8 studio albums since 1985, the most recent,    Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles, came out just last year!

The Dancer by Peter Godwin. Track from his second solo album, Correspondence, from 1983.

Weak in the presence of beauty by Alison Moyet:  former lead singer of Yazoo, beautiful voice.  1987 single from Raindancing, her second solo album. Always wanted her to be a lesbian but sadly no.

To Have and Have Not by Ronny. 1981 release produced by Peter Godwin.  It is considered synth-noir disco and was one of the works the Eurythmics were drawing upon for some of their earlier work. Ronny himself was a French model but played a German on stage.

Love & Money by Bronski Beat.  From The Age of Consent, released in Dec 1984.

Beat Box by Art of Noise. Their 1984 debut single, also included on their debut EP, Into Battle with The Art of Noise, from 1983.

Aussies I’ve never played…yep, more…mostly 90s

*Corporate Slave by Snog. The band formed by musician David Thrussell, along with fellow art school friends Tim McGrath and Julia Bourke in 1989. The band’s music is a fusion of many different styles, including industrial, techno, ambient, experimental, funk and country music. This is their 1992 debut, released as a 12” single.

*Corporate Anthem pt. 1 by Soma. From their 1994 debut album, Hollow Earth.  The 2 Australian composers that make up Soma are  Pieter Bourke and David Thrussell. They’ve been compared to Kraftwerk.

*I Need You by Pendulum. It is confusing but there have been 2 Australian bands named Pendulum. A drum and bass outfit that formed in 2002 is the more famous of the 2.  This is the earlier band, considered to have made Ambient music, and was a partnership between two Melbourne DJs, Noel M and Julian W. They released this, their first single, in 1995, which reached #1 in Australian Dance charts within three weeks after its release.

*The Winner Is… by Southend. 1994 top ten release here in Australia. They were a house-techno band formed in Sydney in 1992 around synthesiser/keyboardists Stuart McCarthy, Steve Younan, Sameer Sen-Gupta and vocalist Melinda Page.

*Mad if Ya Don’t by Gayle & Gillian. 1993 single that charted in the UK. Brisbane-born identical twins who performed together as actresses and as a dance/pop duo in the 1990s. They are most widely known for their stint in the soap opera Neighbours but released music both under this name and as The Twins.

*Junk Funk by SPK. 1984 single. This is the oldest band I’ve got on tonight, forming in 1978 around Graeme Revelle and Neil Hill.  There are lots of theories about what SPK stand for, none definitive.

They Don’t Know by Kirsty MacColl. Request. 1979.

San Francisco by The Village People. Request.

13 Steps Lead Down by Elvis Costello.  This is the third track on his 1994 album, Brutal Youth.

Jukebox by the Flirts:  hit album 10cents a Dance, 1982.

Theme from S’express by S’express.  a British dance music act from the late 1980s, who had one of the earliest commercial successes in the acid house genre. This track, based on Rose Royce’s “Is It Love You’re After”, was also one of the earliest recordings to capitalise on a resurgence of sampling culture and went to number one in the United Kingdom as well as the Hot Dance Club Play chart in the United States (also scraping into the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 at #91). It came out in 1988.


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