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People are People by Depeche Mode.  Their tenth UK single, released on 12 March 1984. It was their first hit single in the US and the first single from the Some Great Reward album…which I was given by my step-sister, who was a very well known DJ in Miami, Fl.  I thought I was pretty cool – it also came with an ABC band tshirt…the only gifts she ever gave me.

We Care a Lot by Faith No More. Title track from their 1985 debut album.  But it was also re-recorded and included on their 1987 second album, Introduce Yourself, and released as a single that time.

The Metro by Berlin.  From Pleasure Victim, the second, gold-certified studio album by the American New Wave band Berlin, released in 1982.  It’s sometimes called an EP cuz it only had 7 songs…I certainly felt a little cheated when I bought the cassette in 1984 or so.  Its highest charting was in NZ at 12…didn’t make the cut here at all.

Don’t you forget about Me by Simple Minds. Request.

Africa by Toto.  Request.

Sweet and Low by Deborah Harry.  Request.

Chasin’ a Dream by Tashan.  Request.

Last Christmas by Wham.  Request.

The War Song by Culture Club.  Request.

Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.  Request.

Superfreak by Rick James.  Request.

Aussies I’ve never played before…again.  I love new – old stuff!

*Sister’s Crazy by The Candy Harlots. Glam metal band from Sydney, active between 1987 and 1995. They also released material as Helter Skelter and The Harlots. This was a 1992 single.

*Hellbelly by Plays with Marionettes. 1982 recording from this Melbourne band active from 1979-84.

*Skizo Disco by Slugfuckers. From their debut LP, Transformational Salt, released in 1981. I do believe they were Sydney based.

*Comforts by Bring Phillip. 1984 single by this Sydney art rock . Band member Simon Hunt later went on to create Pauline Pantsdown, and the banned single Backdoor Man.

*Paint it Blue by Living with Robert.  An independent three-piece band from Sydney active from 1985-93. Its members were Greg Hassall (guitar, vocals), Tony Locke (bass, vocals) and Rob Shannon (drums, vocals). All three members were also in the first line-up of The Godbotherers. This is from their self-titled debut

*Sleep by Penguins on Safari. 1989 track from this Tim Freedman band prior to his founding The Whitlams.

Birdie Song by The Tweets. Request.

Couldn’t get it Right by Climax Blues Band. Request.

I Don’t Want to be a Hero by Johnny Hates Jazz.  Request.

The Magic Number by de la Soul. The best of the 80s website I got it from listed it as 1989 but it was a 1990 single from their 1989 debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising.

Cuz I’m a Blonde by Julie Brown.  From the soundtrack from Earth Girls Are Easy, the 1989 film which starred Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum and Julie Brown.

Too Drunk to Fuck by The Dead Kennedys. 1981 non-album single.


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