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Show 230 – Chocolate for Easter

Morphine and Chocolate by 4 Non Blondes. Track from their debut and only full length album, Bigger, Better, Faster, More! released in 1992. One of them is a lesbian and is the partner of Darlene Conner…aka Sarah Gilbert.

Hot Chocolate Boy by Beat Happening. 1991 track from this American indie band formed in Olympia, Washington. Calvin Johnson, Heather Lewis and Bret Lunsford have been the band’s continual members since forming in 1982.

Chocolate Chip by Isaac Hayes.  1975 title track to his 8th album.

Chocolate City by Parliament.  1975 title track to their 3rd album.

Chocolate Chip by Miles Davis.  Request.

I Wanna Eat Choco Bars by Shonen Knife. Their name means Boy Knife – they are an all female band. From their 4th album, Pretty Little Baka Guy, released in 1986. They are a J-pop band (though described as Japanese pop-punk) that started out in Osaka in 1981 and released their most recent album just last year.

Chocolate Kings by Premiata Forneria Marconi or PFM. Title track to their 1975 fourth album. They were Italian and this was their first album in English.

Chocolate Drop by Howlin’ Wolf. They were a classic 1950s and 60s blues band that continued to issue new material well into the 70s, even after he, Chester Arthur Burnett,  died in1976.  This was a previously unissued track recorded a long time ago but released in 1977 on an album called The Legendary Sun Performers: Howlin’ Wolf.

Chocolate Chicken by Jack off Jill.  From a compilation album of tracks recorded between 1992-96…and I’m taking a gamble that this one is from the right year.  Law of averages says it will be…  They are a metal & punk band somehow connected to Marilyn Manson, who co-wrote and played guitar on some of their tracks.  Not this one, though.

Mars Bars by The Undertones. An extra track when their 1979 self-titled debut was re-released on CD a few years later.

Double chocolate Malted by Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers. From their 1986 album, It’s Time For.

Aussies for Easter…

*Bad Girls by Rabbit. 1976 b-side to their more famous single Wild Fire…which I played at Easter last year.

*Chocolate Cake by Crowded House. First track on Woodface, their third studio album, released in 1991. It was also the lead single, though Only Natural did much, much better when it came out slightly later.

*I’ve Got a Plan by My Friend the Chocolate Cake. My first time playing these guys, though they’d been around since 1989 and I’d even heard of them before now.  I always thought they were too recent. This is from 1994.

*Mountain by Chocolate Starfish. From their 1994 self-titled debut album. They are another Melbourne band, as is Chocolate Cake.

*What More Can I do by The Allsorts.  1988 recording of this Aussie ska band named after a licorice lolly that I’m sure appeared in some people’s Easter baskets…

*Summer Love by Sherbet.  1975 non-album single and their first no. 1 hit here in Australia.

Crucified by Army of Lovers. Request.

Flesh Crucifix by Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows. From the 1995 album, Todeswunsch – Sous le soleil de Saturne (German and French: “Death wish – Under the sun of Saturn”). It was the second album by this darkwave German band fronted by Anna-Varney Cantodea, who was born male but identifies as female, with no desire to undergo surgery.

Café Cacao by Alpha Blondy. 1993 track from this reggae artist from Ivory Coast.

Ice Cream by Raekwon. One of the Wu-Tang Clan founders. 1995 solo release.  Chocolate in the lyrics…

Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan. From 1993’s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy…though not released till the following year here, where it only hit 76 on the album charts.  Chocolate in the lyrics.

You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.  1975 b-side to a much lesser known track, Blue Night.  It also appears on their 1975 self-titled album. It’s been in a million films, from The Full Monty to Nick & Norah’s Infinite Play List.

Little Palaces by Elvis Costello.  Live recording that in album form appears on King of America, his first of 2 albums released in 1986.  Chocolate in the lyrics.


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