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Show 238 – Radiothon: Remember Joy

I remember California by REM. 10th track on their 6th album, Green, released in 1988.

I Don’t Remember by Peter Gabriel. 1980 single from Peter Gabriel (3 or Melt)… What the hell kind of album title is that? I was never a fan but this isn’t bad.

I remember by Doughboys. Canadian alternative rock band that formed in Montreal by John Kastner in 1987 following his departure from The Asexuals and was active in the late 1980s and early/mid 1990s. This is from their 1987 debut album, Whatever.

A Night to Remember by Shalamar. From their 1982 album, Friends, their 6th.

Remember the Time by Michael Jackson. From his 1991 album, Dangerous.

Remember Tomorrow by Iron Maiden. From their 1980 debut self-titled album.

Johnny Remember Me by Bronski Beat. 1985 with Marc Almond, formerly of Soft Cell.

Remember (Walking in the sand) by Aerosmith. From their 1979 album Night in the Ruts, their 6th studio album.


*I remember Love by Air Supply. From The Vanishing Race, from 1993. Their 12th studio album.

*I Remember by The Badloves. From their 1993 debut album, Get On Board. They’re from Melbourne.

*Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night) by Margret Urlich. From her 1989 debut album, Safety in Numbers. Also released as a 1990 single.

*I don’t Remember a Thing by Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls. From Under the Sun, his 5th studio album, released in Dec 1987.

*Don’t You Forget by Pseudo Echo. From Race, their third studio album. It was released in 1988. It was also the B-side to their 1989 single release of Eye of the Storm.

*Reminiscing by Little River Band. It’s kind of like remembering… From Sleeper Catcher, their fourth album, released in 1978.

Fernando by Frida. Request.

A Night to Remember by Cyndi Lauper. Title track from her 3rd studio album, released in1989.

Remember by Gloria Gaynor. From her 1995 album, I’ll be There.

This Is The Time To Remember by Billy Joel. From 1986, The Bridge, his 10th studio album.


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