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Show 348

Taken In by Mike and the Mechanics. From their 1985 self-titled album, the debut from one of Mike Rutherford’s projects outside of Genesis – he was their bassist, backing vocalist and sometimes rhythm guitarist. He also put out a couple of solo albums…busy guy!

Last American Exit by The Tragically Hip. For Gord Downie, founding member and singer for this Canadian rock band. He died this week, probably of the brain cancer he’s been fighting since 2015. PM Trudeau cried in parliament in his tribute. This is from their debut EP, The Tragically Hip EP, released in 1987.

Fire in the Hole by The Tragically Hip. 1994 Request.

+Ooh to be Ah by Kajagoogoo. 1983 single from White Feather, the follow up after their debut hit Too Shy.  It obviously didn’t do as well…  Limahl is of course our LGBTI member.

+ Changes by Sugar.  1992 debut single and track from the debut album, Copper Blue. Sugar was led by the singer and guitarist Bob Mould (from Hüsker Dü, and openly gay as I’ve noted in the past), alongside bassist David Barbe  and drummer Malcolm Travis. They performed first in Athens, GA after rehearsing in REM’s studio space.

*Just like Fire Would by The Saints. Request.

+Ouija Board, Ouija Board by Morrissey. Request.

+Crucified by Army of Lovers. The Swedish band, which takes its name from a German documentary about gay rights, has had rotating members over its long on-and-off career. Alexander Bard and Jean-Pierre Barda, the act’s male members in 1991, are both out and proud.

Fool’s Paradise by Meli’sa Morgan. Request.

I can’t Help Falling In Love With You by Bruno Mars as Little Elvis. 1992. Request.

Rising to the Top by Keni Burke.

Aussies – Iaian Shedden tribute – he died of laryngeal cancer. Drummer for The Saints and a bunch of bands – only Dog Trumpet is considered Aussie, but he became an Aussie so I’m playing them all here in his honour.

*Beginning of the Tomato Party by The Saints. From their 1982 album, Shedden’s first with them, Casablanca…or overseas it was called Out in the Jungle. He also is credited as writer and arranger on this one track from the album.

*Jean by Dog Trumpet. Formed in 1990 by brothers Reg Mombassa (aka Chris O’Doherty) and Peter O’Doherty, former members of Mental as Anything. Shedden, aka Sheddy, was their sometimes drummer. This is their debut single from early 1991. I can’t find evidence that Sheddy played on the album, but I found loads of photos of him touring with the band so I know he would’ve played the track…

*You’re Cold by The Jolt. Aussie for drummer Iain Shedden, who technically was as Scottish as this band but he migrated here more than 25 years ago so I’m counting it… This is a 1977 single.

*I’ll Keep you in Mind by Summerhill. From their debut album, Lowdown, on which Shedden was the drummer. Released in 1988. Again, only Aussie tonight for Shedden.

*Black Venetian Blind by Giant Sand. Sheddy played drums on 3 tracks for their 1991 album, Giant Sandwich, including this one. Other than Shedden, the band is an American band from Tuscon, AZ.

*Business in Town by The Small Hours. From their self-titled 1980 EP. The band is British but also featured Kym Bradshaw of the Saints in the early years so I’m counting themSecret Separation by The Fixx. From Walkabout, their 4th studio album released in 1986.

Waltz Darling by Malcolm McLaren and The Bootzilla Orchestra. Title track to McLaren’s 4th studio album, but the only one with the Bootzilla Orchestra. Released in 1989.

I would do for you by UB40. From their 1988 self-titled album, their 8th! Why wait for 8 albums to do a self-titled? Would you do it first?

System of survival by Earth, Wind and Fire. From their 14th studio album, Touch the World, released in 1987.

Stranger in town by Toto. 1984 release, their 5th studio album, one of only 2 with Fergie Frederiksen as the primary vocalist – the other was the soundtrack to Dune.


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