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Show 353

Musclebound by Spandau Ballet. From Journeys to Glory, their 1981 debut studio album.

+Shoot your Shot by Divine. 1982 – not much more needs to be said. Divine!

+Cruisin’ the Streets by Boys Town Gang. 1986 erotic remix of this 1982 classic. The first track that was overtly about gay male cruising behaviour. Written and produced by very openly gay DJ Bill Motley. He created the first record company specifically for the gay market, Moby Dick Records, 1981 in SF.

Can I Kick It? by A Tribe Called Quest.

+Someone Like You by Sylvester. Request.

Uptown by Prince. Request.

Aussies 1983

*Change in Mood by Kids in the Kitchen. Request from my partner. Released in October 1983 as the lead single from their debut studio album, Shine, which was delayed until 1985.

*This House is on Fire by Ac/Dc. From Flick of the Switch, their 9th album. Came out in 1983.

*Eat City by The Angels.  1983 single that hit 22 on the Australian chart.  It was also on their 6th studio album, Watch the Red.

*Razor’s Edge by Goanna. 1983 single, follow up to their debut and biggest hit, Solid Rock.

*Imagination by Helen Reddy. Her foray into 80s music from 1983. She is from Melbourne.

*Maxine by Sharon O’Neill.  singer-songwriter and pianist from New Zealand, this 1983 single from the Foreign Affairs reached #16 on both the Australian Kent Music Report and Recording Industry Association of New Zealand charts.  It was her biggest hit and chronicled the life of a Kings Cross prostitute.

Let’s go to Bed by The Cure. Request.

+Euphoria by Jane Wiedlin. Final track on her 1990 album, Tangled. She’s been out as bisexual for quite some time now. Of course, she was with The GoGos for years.

One Step Ahead by Nik Kershaw. The first single release from his 1989 album, The Works. It didn’t do very well…

Ice Cream Days by Jennifer Hall. From Fortune and Men’s Eyes, her debut album released in 1987. It’s also on the Bright Lights, Big City soundtrackMony Mony by Amazulu. 1987 single release, their penultimate, from this British ska/pop band from the 1980s, which was composed of five women and one man.

Night of the Living Baseheads by Public Enemy. 1988 single from It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, their second studio album. The song samples 20 other songs!


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