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Show 355

For America byRed Box. 1986 single from this British pop group founded by Simon Toulson-Clarke and Julian Close. It was also on their 1986 album, The Circle and the Square.

+Hallo Spaceboy by David Bowie and The Petshop Boys. Request from Jade from last week. From Bowie’s 1995 album, Outside.

Venus by The Party Girls.

+Blue Savannah by Erasure. Wild. 1989.

Gabrielle by Johnny Hallyday. 1976 single and my friend Shannon’s favourite. French pop star Johnny Hallyday died this week of lung cancer. He was 74.

+Crazy Baby by Joan Osborne. From her 1995 debut album. She defines herself as bisexual.

+Endless Love by Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey. Request. Luther has been officially outed.

Pigs (3 different ones) by Pink Floyd. Request from Chris, our lovely podcaster.

Aussies – solo work from people better known as band members

*Juliet by Robin Gibb. From his second solo album, “How Old Are You?”. The album was very successful in Europe and this track became the summer smash hit of 1983 by hitting the top of the charts in Germany, Switzerland and Italy as well as the Euro-chart. We in the English speaking world weren’t so keen…

*The Passenger by Michael Hutchence: This is a third cover of this track, this one from Batman Forever in 1995. Siouxsie & The Banshees also did it in 1987.

*Sensual Motion by Alston Koch.  Koch migrated to Australia in 1969, having had a vibrant musical career in Sri Lanka for over a decade before that.  After moving to Australia, Alston formed a band by the name of Dark Tan.  They were very popular on the club circuit all over Australia & Asia in the mid to late 70s & developed into Australia’s leading disco group. This is a 1990 solo effort.

*Fall of Rome by James Reyne. His second solo single, released in 1987 from his self-titled solo album. He’s of course better known for his work with Australian Crawl.

*Concrete and Clay by Martin Plaza. Plaza is the pseudonym for Mental As Anything’s co-lead vocalist Martin Edward Murphy.  This is the hit single from his 1986 solo album ‘Plaza Suite’. It’s a cover version of the UK’s Unit Four Plus Two 1965 original.

*Puberty Blues by Jenny Morris.  From the original 1981 soundtrack. She’s known for her work with a variety of bands, including The Crocodiles and QED. She also worked with INXS.

Because the Night by The Patti Smith Group. Request.

Walls Come Down by The Style Council. Request.

Diamond Lights by Glenn & Chris. 1987 single by a 1987 single by English soccer players Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle – they were teammates on both the national team and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Pilot of the Airwaves by Charlie Dore. 1979 debut single and biggest hit – even charted here, at 28. She is English and while this isn’t a yacht staple, it does appear on a couple of count downs of the genre.

Is It Love? by Mr Mister. 1986 single, third released from Welcome to the Real World, their second album.

Radio Africa by Latin Quarter. 1985 single and their only top 20 hit in their native UK. They were much more popular in Germany and northern Europe. Their lyrics often reflect their politics. Founders Steve Skaith and Mike Jones were both members of the left wing political group Big Flame.

How Sweet It Is by James Taylor. From his 1975 album, Gorilla, his sixth.


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