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Triple x on air Sunday 10pm-midnight playing songs from 75-2005. This ep we discovered that famous song you know as Mickey was actually supposed to be about a cat! Robbie and our Kylie got together for a dynamite duet, we went somewhere private with Keane, became less shallow with Blessid union of souls, tried out Margie Adams, got bruised with Natasha Beddingfield, sold some soul with The Dagoes, shaked it like a Polaroid picture, and worked all day with Dolly Parton. We also played an Alice Cooper song, the godfather of shock rock. Listeners go to vote for either Bed of nails or Spark in the dark.

The Prince report made its triumphant return to announce the big deluxe re-release of his remastered ‘1999’ album. We continued our campaign to get someone from Princes posse on our show. Feel free to message them and tell them to come on our show!


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