/ TripleX / Generation X / It must’ve been love, but it’s over now 😢-Triple X 15/12/2019


Triple x on air 10 till midnight, playing songs from 75-2005. This ep is our Roxette tribute show! for Marie Fredriksson. We played all 7 of their biggest hits like The look and Listen to your heart in an 80s explosion.
We stepped back in time with Kylie for 7 minutes, for her f9 minimix, turned Japanese with The vapors, hung out with the Killers boyfriend/girlfriend, tried to grow some dicks with Aussie lesbian Robyn Archer, lived the good life with Dear enemy and Ginger Meggs, showed a little Respect to Erasure, sang Brandy, I mean Mandy with Barry Manillow, and we still dont know much about Dark Tan. Does anybody wanna buy a press kit?
Listeners also got to vote for a U2 song, either With or without you or Beautiful day.


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