/ TripleX / Generation X / Go West on the Night train- Triple X Songs of a Generation 16-02-2020


Triple x on air Sunday 10 till midnight, playing songs from 75-2005. This ep we played a PET SHOP BOYS song in a West theme, either Go west or West end girls, both big hits for the boys.

We discussed buzz from a very gay Oscars with our Janelle Monet, Elton John, and MnMs big performance.

We got insane with Cypress Hill n the Canibals, Sexed up with Robbie, (your loss Nat), put our hands in our pockets with Alanis, did some sailing with the Dingoes,  kissed JD (#teamJason), Ran with some foxes, went through a divorce with Pink!, rode the Night train with Lionel, and shut up Italian style with Joe Dolce. We went around the world 144 times with Daft Punk, got hungry with Eric Carmen, got burned with Sheryl Crow, and errrm got innapropriate with the Doug Anthony all stars.


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