All I wanna do is Roam- Triple X 17-05-20


Triple X on air sunday 10pm- midnight. This ep we played our Dannii Minogue winner, either All I wanna do or You won’t forget about me, as well as some big name gays.

We also have more clips from Billy Joe Armstrong, Robbie Williams, a singing Whitney dog, The Killers, Powder finger and another Prince Batman smash hit.

Get ready to Roam with the B52’s,  read minds with Stars on 54, hit Ibizza with The Venga boys, say hey to Pink Floyd, breathe with George, be bad to the bone with George Thorogood, hear some Pop muzik with M, be Larger than life with The back street boys, change love with Climie Fisher, wish you were another with K.D Lang, swear alot with Rage against the machine, and question flowing water, Once in a lifetime, with Talking heads.

We also pay tribute to Little Richard and Betty Wright who passed this week.