Breathe, and hit the floor-Triple X – 24-05-2020


Come emancipate yourself with Triple X, playing songs from 1975-2005, 10pm-midnight Sundays.

This ep we played our Bachelor girl winner, either Treat me good or Permission to shine, as well as a bunch of huge songs we really shouldve already played by now!

You’ll hear from Harry Connick Jr, Laid back, Sia, The Village people, max-a-million, Toni Child’s,  Anna Nalick, Mya, The rockmelons, James Blunt, Johnny Gill, Thirsty merc and more.

We also have clips from Snoop dog, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, The scorpions, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Celine Dion. And what very important question do I have about Princes Raspberry Beret music video?  Find out. Deep breaths