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Please join me in the car again, well not literally cause we wont fit! Listen out for our En Vogue winner, either Free your mind or My lovin’.

We also have clips from John Legend and Alicia Keys, Sheila E, a medieval take on Metalica, artists supporting George Floyd’s daughter, and Ricki Lee Coulter.

We have huge Prince news, and will hear a previously unreleased track from the top secret, Batman like vault in Princes home!

We’ve also got tracks from Crazy town, Peter Gabriel, Red hot chilli peppers, System of a down, Pat Benatar, Cee Farrow, Flash and the pan, Nickelback, Flotsam jetsam, John Legend, Glenn Frey, Flowers, Jimmy Barnes and Diesel, Kiss , Lionel Richie and Maxine Feldman.


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