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Car episode 24:
This ep, another epic lockdown mix of bangers for Melbourne.

We play our Atomic kitten winner, either Whole again or Be with you.

Hear another tribute for the Skyhooks Peter Starkie

Clips are from Delta Goodrem, Ben Gillies, Miley again, Katy Perry, Melanie C, Patti LaBelle fresh off her versus battle, and another free Britney update!

Tracks are from Bob Sinclar, Gyan, The Models, Bodyrox, Tight fit, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Barry Manilow, Glenn Tipton, INXS, Skyhooks, Jagged edge, Anni Hogan, Poison, Londonbeat, Steve Perry, The Goanna band, and Shanice

Get smitten like a Kitten. Meow 😸


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