Its our 150th show, and we are live! but only just, not looking at anyone Melbourne 🙄😆

With the Olympics on we are in the mood for some more winners so we
8 will be having an Aussie Gold rush, with some of our best artists and songs.

Theres Pete Murray, Powderfinger, The Whitlams, John Farnham, Savage Garden, Sneaky sound System, and it wouldn’t be lockdown without a bit of Delta.

More artists are sticking up for Britney, there’s more Prince to celebrate the new album, And Aussie Skateboarder Poppy Olsen.

He may not be an Aussie, but with so many others it’s time he got a Guernsey. We will be playing a song from Richard Marx, either Endless summer nights, or Angelia.

And the winner is, not Sydney!