Its our big 151st show!…ah I tried. Let’s go back to that old fashioned thing we did before that gimmick n just play some music. Although we do have some songs leftover from our big 150th last week.

Theres Shaggy, Gary Wright, Eminem, Wall of Voodoo, New kids on the block, Robbie Williams, Alanis Morissette, James Reyne, a piece from Cannibal! The musical, Young Divas, another classic Simpsons song, and more

Britney is one step closer to freedom..sort of, we have Moby Docs trailor, and finally Will Smith getting sporty, and an AC/DC cover from Olympic father Bruce Springsteen with Eddie Vedder and Tom Morello.

This week we are playing a Shania Twain song, either from this moment on, or You’re still the one.

Let’s party like it’s 150!