Britney is finally on the loose and has spoken out since getting out of celeb jail! So the celebrations roll on.

We have songs from The Chilli peppers, Tonic, Eric Carman, John Denver, Switchfoot, Cold Chisel, Whitney, No Doubt, Tin tin out ft Espiritu, The Quantam leap theme song for Dean Stockwell R.I.P, and more

New music from Crowded house, Pete Murray, and Kylie and Gloria Gaynor. There’s Alanis’ controversial doco, Britneys been hittin up Target with her freedom, and Adeles expose with Oprah.

This week we are playing a Bryan Adams song, either Lets make a night to remember, or Thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Ziggy says there’s a 99% chance of sadness 😥