Ain’t no lockdown gonna burn this disco out.  This week on the show we remember Amy Winehouse 10 years since her untimely death, plus we’ve got brand new disco from New York DJ Tony Touch, Inaya Day, Debbie Gibson and Junior Jack’s 2004 hit gets a new lease of life via a 2021 remix.

Show originally aired Friday 23 July 2021

Songs played;

  1. FEELIN’ FEELIN’ Inaya Day 2021
  2. SUCADE (Louie Vega Brooklyn Mix) Tony Touch 2021
  3. YOU SHOULD BE DANCING Dee Gees/Foo Fighters 2021
  4. ONE STEP CLOSER Debbie Gibson 2021
  5. MENERGY (Purple Disco Machine Remix) Patrick Cowley & Sylvester 2021
  6. BACK TO BLACK (Steve Mac Vocal Mix) Amy Winhouse 2006
  7. FASTER KILL PUSSYCAT Oakenfold & Brittany Murphy 2006
  8. STUPID DISCO (David Penn Remix) Junior Jack 2021
  9. SUPERNATURAL Funk Cartel x Ultra Nate 2021
  10. SOLITUDE OF HEART Ampersounds & Rufus Wainwright 2021
  11. SOMETHING TO SAY MJ Rodrigues 2021