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Almost 300 volunteers facilitate the day-to-day running of the station and produce what you hear on air – every volunteer brings a unique contribution, whilst sharing the common goal of creating excellent radio for our community – the station is made up of a variety of people from a range of backgrounds, professions, ethnicities and sexualities.

Our volunteers are primarily drawn from our membership base and station membership is encouraged, the first step in the volunteer process is to read this fully and then to email the relevant person as indicated on this page or on the vacancy page – you will be sent a volunteer application form and the option of discussing your interest in the station, or joining a volunteer information session.

It is preferred that every new volunteer does induction training to become familiar with operations at the station, this approach helps both the station and the volunteer become familiar with each other.

The station’s need for volunteers ebbs and flows throughout the year; at certain times, like Midsumma, Pride and the radiothon in June, more casual volunteers are needed – as projects crop up through the year we also put the call out for additional help – sometime it takes a little while for us to place a volunteer so we do ask that you are patient but we also don’t mind you being persistent.

All volunteers are required to be a financial member of JOY and maintain the membership during the term of their volunteer status, membership of JOY 94.9 is governed by the [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=65 linktext=’JOY Rules of Association and Constitution’ /].

Read on to find out a little more about the station and some of the volunteer activities.

Current volunteer vacancies

Check out current volunteer vacancies.

I want to start a new program, what do I do?

JOY 94.9 aims to provide programming that connects, represents and celebrates our diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and trans and intersex communities through programming that uplifts, informs and empowers.

There are three broad categories of programming:

  • Community: talk based programs that provide information for and about our diverse communities
  • Lifestyle: talk based programs that provide ‘mainstream’ information from a queer perspective
  • Specialist Music: programming that highlights to our diverse communities a particular genre of music, from a queer perspective

If you are interested in becoming a program maker at JOY, it’s a good idea for you to thoroughly review our program grid and for you to listen to a range of programs over our specialist program hours (after 7 pm weeknights and on weekends) to get a feel for the different styles JOY currently has on the grid.

We perceive there are a few key gaps in our program grid, for example, programming:

  • from, for and about our bisexual, trans and intersex communities
  • from, for and about our diverse range of lesbian communities
  • highlighting Melbourne’s diverse theatre scene
  • for everyone across our communities with a ‘green thumb’

If you have thoughts around these types of programs, or anything else, then we would like you to get in touch.

To be a JOY presenter you firstly need to be a JOY member and to have completed the necessary JOY training. If you have no radio experience, but are willing to learn, then please investigate our radio training course. If you do have radio experience, then the JOY Program Director will work with you to ensure you are familiar in the JOY style.

Our program grid is reviewed regularly by the Programming Committee. We have three four-month seasons, commencing the first Monday in January, May and September. The review and approval process for new programs takes a couple of months, so the earlier you start talking to JOY the better.

If you are looking to develop a new program, then:

  • feel free to contact our Program Director to discuss your idea
  • download our [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=90 linktext=’JOY 94.9 Specialist Program Proposal Form’ /] to see what we are looking for and send a completed form into the station

Some of the volunteer areas at JOY 94.9

General Volunteers/Office Admin

Office Admin is the front of house team at JOY and the role is critical to the smooth running of the station; this position is usually the first point of contact for members, listeners and the general public. The role assists the office staff and on-air broadcasters with a range of tasks including; answering the phones, processing memberships, handling listener queries, and greeting guests, looking up weird and wonderful information and hunting down music.


Communication support, fundraising, events management, promotions support, grant writing, media writing, marketing support, projects

IT and broadcasting services

IT Support, online development, website support, production support, technical support, script writing – to express your interest in any of these areas, email it@joy.org.au.

I’d like to be reading the news?

If you have no prior radio experience you may wish to enrol in our Radio training course.

If you have some radio experience then:

  • email our News Director with a brief outline of your interest and relevant experience (if any)
  • the News & Current Affairs Director will contact you to discuss the role further
  • preference is given to requests that come from our member or current volunteer base
  • appropriate training is done via the News team in small groups or one on one