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Essendon has been booted out of the finals. What a saga that has been. Gillian’s TV was interrupted. Gah ! Thank god that’s over. Apparently.
Twerking ? G-springs ? Gillian seems confused. And the songs are getting all muddled too. And breathe.

Nik is confused, and even a bit annoyed, at the blokey boys and their cricket pitch antics. Where has the class gone ?!

Callum has never heard of Tom of Finland, yet the girls have. Go figure.

Cal’s critters this week looks at the Slow Lorus. Cuter than sloths, with gorgeous eyes, but venomous. Even with a long tongue, who wants it ?  And Gillian and Nik spill salt and pepper all over the studio. Callum, go get the vac please.


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