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Well, Well, Well’s resident kinsters, Michael and Liam, discuss the Laird Hotel’s ‘A Week of Leather and Fetish’ and Laird Leatherman 2017 title, learn more about VAC’s Sexually Adventurous Men (SAM) project and speak to Sexual Health guru Dr George Forgan-Smith.

This show, Ep 588 originally aired 21/08/2017.

Dr. George Forgan-Smith’s websites:

PrEP for Clinicians and PrEP users

Human Pup Play Safety

Bear Health

Other Resources:

Down an’ Dirty

A Week of Leather and Fetish


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Liam is one of the co-hosts of Saturday evening's foreign language pop-music show 'BabblePOP' and is the podcast editor for Monday night's 'Well, Well, Well'.


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