A Week of Leather Well, Well, Well podcastGear up for community, and A Week of Leather!

Michael and Jessie are joined by two amazing guests to discuss the intersections of the leather community and women living with HIV.

Every year the sash bearer of the Laird Hotel’s coveted Laird Leatherman title is given a community platform to host events, and promote community connectivity, and often raises awareness and funds for some worthy causes. Over the past 12 months, the current (and soon to be outgoing) Laird Leatherman, James Addinsall, committed his reign to supporting the voices and work of Positive Women Victoria, and to raise awareness for women living with HIV in general.

We talk to Laird Hotel owner Brett Lasham about the week’s events over the A Week of Leather and Fetish (or A.W.O.L), and how men occupying a usually male only space can support women.

We are also joined by the wonderful Natalie Browne, Health Promotion and Communications Coordinator, for Positive Women Victoria about the women who live with HIV who don’t receive the visibility as men in the HIV space, while on the receiving end of compounding stigmas.


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Grab the Hide and Seek podcast ‘Look Good In Leather’ for more from Brett, and to hear from Laird Leatherman James, and the two Laird Leatherman 2018 contestants!


This show, Episode #631 originally aired Thursday 9th August, 2018.

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