AIDS 2018 Conference – Part II


 AIDS 2018 – Part II

The International AIDS Conference occurs every two years somewhere around the globe. This year AIDS 2018 is held in Amsterdam. Many people may recall Melbourne hosting the event just four years ago – AIDS 2014. Our latest episode marks the closing of AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam, and Michael and Cal wrap up on some highlights from the conference.

The conference offers an opportunity for the international HIV and AIDS community to gather to find out the latest developments in the global response to the epidemic.

Well, Well, Well’s Cal was at the conference to adsorb the community mobilisation, and key findings from research which informs the way we look at and respond to the changing landscape of HIV in Australia and abroad.

With the help of Michael back in the JOY 94.9 studios we were able to unpack just some of the highlights from the course of AIDS 2018 including:

  • Three distinct stories highlighting Indigenous voices from across the globe
    • Peter Waples-Crowe from Thorne Harbour Health speaks to the lack of Australian indigenous representation on a global scale, and what we can learn from other indigenous communities in our own work in health promotion
    • Paula Simonsen, a Sami woman from Northern Norway speaks to the state of HIV, stigma, and barriers to testing and treatment for HIV in northern Europe for first nations peoples.
    • Trevor Stratton, A Coordinator for International Indigenous Working Group on HIV and AIDS, speaks about three distinct local indigenous peoples in Canada – and the film Strong Medicine which targets those populations in an authentic way.
  • Pron4PrEP, an innovative way to contexualise the use of PrEP, and U=U in an adult film setting using stark and explicit imagery juxtaposed with talking heads validating and confirming the stories told through an (often explicit) pronographic setting. Cal talks with Jason Domino from The Porn4PrEP website which contains explicit and non-explicit versions of the video mentioned in this podcast.
  • How social networking app Hornet is responding to global LGBTI criminalisation through their campaign #DecriminalizeLGBT. Cal talks with Alex Garner from Hornet
  • Finally, Cal touches base with George Ayala from M-PACT (formerly MSMGF) about the potential barriers to AIDS2020 being held in San Francisco & Oakland, California. What does that mean for those unable to travel to the U.S.A under restrictive travel bans, and how does that mirror what has happened at the International AIDS Conference in histroy?


This show, Episode #630 originally aired Thursday 2nd August, 2018.

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