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Prof Jim Hyde at AIDS 2014 Members Event for Thorne Harbour Health (then the Victorian AIDS Council).

For the recent Legacy Series on Well, Well, Well, Cal Hawk talked to a handful of living legends about the community response to HIV and AIDS in Australia. Sadly, the community lost one of those legends with the passing of Jim Hyde.

While a portion of Jim’s interview was included in the legacy series, additional content never went to air — until now. This Jim Hyde tribute episode features clips with Jim about coming to Melbourne in the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, community leadership, and coming out. The episode also includes stories and memories from other HIV/AIDS and LGBTI community health advocates, including: David Menadue, Jamie Gardiner, Bruce Parnell and Janet Jukes.

And be sure to check out “The Political Landscape of HIV and AIDS”, episode three in the Legacy Series in the lead up to the 35th anniversary of the Victorian AIDS Council and their recent transition to become Thorne Harbour Health.

This show, Episode #633 originally aired Thursday 23rd August, 2018.

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