Bisexual health and well-being is in focus this week due to#BiVisibilityDay coming Sunday September 23. Michael and Renee focus some attention on the ‘B’ in LGBTI in the lead to the day.

We talk to Triple Bi-Pass and Melbourne Bisexual Network’s Ruby Mountford about what visibility means for bisexual people. We chat about events and resources available to support bisexual, pansexual, and multi gender attracted people. We’d certainly be remiss not to talk about the most noteworthy celebrities making their bisexuality visibile featuring our #Bicons

Michael also share some real life experiences relating to visibility with the help of Renee. We delve into some most rather unique health issues (physical and mental) unique to the B in LGBTI.

This show, Episode #637 originally aired Thursday 20th September, 2018.

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