Travelling with HIV

This week on Well, Well, Well, Tex and Jessie are joined by David Menadue as they discuss his experience of travelling as a person living with HIV.  The discussion covers issues around carrying medication on board, what to disclose to whom, the importance of having insurance and much more. He gives some very compelling insights and practical tips around how to best manage your health when jet-setting around the world.

David shares his personal experience of when he celebrated 65th birthday by heading to Bali for a holiday. He found himself having cardiac issues a few days into the holiday and ended up in hospital over there for longer than expected. He talks about the issues he had navigating through it and the speed bumps he ran into. However, it is not all drama under the sun, he came out the other end, living to tell the tale!

David also discusses a few issues around travel bans in place for people living with HIV and where to find more information.

Useful links:

HIV restrictions: hivrestrictions.org

Smart Traveller: smartraveller.gov.au

David’s article on the National Association of People with HIV Australia! napwha.org.au/living-hiv/travel/positive-traveller

This show, Episode #641 originally aired Thursday 28th June 2018.

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