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The theme of World AIDS Day 2018 is “Everybody Counts”. This reminds us that HIV affects everybody and that we must not forget the intersections of minorities within minorities.

In the show leading up to World AIDS Day. Max Niggl, coordinator of the Positive Speakers Bureau from Living Positive Victoria, comes on to talk about stigma & discrimination. Max bravely shares with us his personal experience as a gay man, openly living with HIV. The discussion continues around how we can combat stigma and discrimination both within the community and with the general public.


World AIDS Day Memorial : thorneharbour.org/news-events/calendar-events/world-aids-day-memorial/

Photo gallery for WAD 2018 Street Appeal : thorneharbour.org/news-events/galleries/world-aids-day-2018-street-appeal/

Positive Speakers Bureau : livingpositivevictoria.org.au/positive-speakers-bureau/


This show, Episode #648 originally aired Thursday 29th November 2018.

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About the author: Jessie


Jessie works in the Health Promotion Team as a Health Educator at Thorne Harbour Health.
She is a co-host and producer of the Well Well Well radio show and has a keen interest in harm reduction, alcohol and other drugs, sexuality and sexual health.


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