Getting older is something we all have to think about eventually in our lives. The experience can be confronting, but it can also be quite pleasant. Loneliness is something that disproportionately affects the ageing population, so it’s important to stay connected to community. There are so many options in ageing gracefully, so if this is you, have a think about what works for you.

This week’s episode on Well Well Well, Jessie and Tex are chatting to Kim Burns again from the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration, to talk about dementia, the associated changed behaviours and what these look like. Kim also discusses her work in developing a resource specifically for hands-on carers & healthcare professionals supporting LGBTI people who present with changed behaviours associated with dementia.

We also have a guest, Anneke Deutsch, from the Matrix Guild that supports and raises awareness around the health, housing and care needs of older lesbians around Victoria. Anneke talks about her work in housing support and an exciting new project called WINC – Older Women in Co-housing.

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Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration

Matrix Guild
Matrix Guild Facebook Page
Older Women in co-housing Facebook Page

This show, Episode #665 originally aired Thursday 11th April 2019.

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