New York City landscape with rainbow confetti erupting from the site of the Stonewall In 50 years on to commemorate the Stonewall riots 50th anniversary

‘Stonewall Forever’ – a living monument

Cal and Michael consider the impacts of community activism in the week of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

We talk with Phil Carswell who has a history of activism with ACT UP as well as being the first Thorne Harbour Health President in it’s early days as the Gay Men’s Health Centre and the Victorian AIDS Council. Phil talks about the first National Homosexual Conference held during a time of homosexuality criminalisation and early mobilisation.

We speak with Co Convenor of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, Janet Jukes. Janet speaks with us about early LGBTI rights events like Mardi Gras and later Tasty nightclub raids informing the work of policy and activism in

Young Gay and Proud by the Gay Teachers and Students Group

Stonewall Forever

Who Threw the First Brick at Stonewall? Let’s Argue About It – via The New York Times online

The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA)

This show, Episode #676 originally aired Thursday 27th June 2019.

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