Latest HIV Trends & Gay Community Periodic Survey


Latest HIV trends & Gay Community Periodic Survey

The landscape of HIV epidemiology is one of the fastest-changing landscapes closely affecting our communities. Professor Andrew Grulich, head of the HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program at Kirby Institute, gives us a snapshot on the rates of HIV infections in Australia. The discussion explores HIV acquisitions in more detail and how we can work together better to end HIV.

Our second guest Professor Martin  Holt from the Centre for Social Research for Health in UNSW who manages the Gay Community Periodic Survey to discuss the results with us. He gives us some very interesting insight into the largest cross-sectional survey of gay men in Victoria.

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Useful links:

The MI-EPIC Study (medicare ineligible) – provides a years’ supply of PrEP for those who do not have access through medicare in New South Wales :

Gay Community Periodic Survey :

PRONTO – free confidential rapid HIV testing for MSM :

Equinox – peer-led trans and gender diverse health service :

Kirby Institute – HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program :

Centre for Social Research for Health :


This show, Episode #680 originally aired Thursday 25th July 2019.

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