Time to PrEP?

New guidelines are set to make getting HIV prevention drugs easier than ever.

In the fight to end HIV transmissions, the new tool on the block is pre-exposure prophylaxis. PrEP is an effective way at preventing HIV – yet barriers to folks accessing the drugs abound. However, The new ASHM guidelines for prescribing PrEP medication are aiming to remove barriers and make prescribing it more clear cut.

This week, Michael and Tex chat with Dr. Darren Russell, a Cairns sexual health clinician and Clinical Advisor for the Australasian Society for Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM). Together, we unpack what the new guidelines mean for those accessing and prescribing PrEP.

Get Bizarre!

Tex and Michael touch base about Northside Bizarre – the annual street party is a community fundraiser for JOY and Thorne Harbour Health’s David Williams Fund. In a few weeks Northside Bizarre will take over Henry Street in Abbotford as the Laird Hotel hosts an all gender-inclusive day of community connection.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Girls Night In 


Northside Bizarre

Northside Bizarre


Daily and On-Demand PrEP at Thorne Harbour Health

PrEP’D For Change and PAN [PrEPaccessNOW] 

ASHM Prescribing Guidelines


This show, Episode #691 originally aired Thursday 3rd October 2019.

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