Looking Back, Looking Forward


 Michael takes stock of Well Well Well over 2019 and reflects on a few key subjects we’ve covered in the past 12 months.

First, We look at HIV trends in Jessie + Venetia’s show Latest HIV Trends & Gay Community Periodic Survey with Martin Holt from the Gay Community Periodic Survey and Dr. Andrew Grulich from the Kirby Institute.

Next, Michael’s update on the PrEP Guidelines in his show with Tex Removing Barriers to PrEP Access speaking with Dr. Darren Russell about changes to how we talk about and prescribe HIV prevention drugs.

Lastly, Cal and his guest host Max Arion scoured the country in their two part Australian Sex Work series for an idea as to how our sex workers lives and access to services differ by region.

Of course, we tackle how these three topics might change or develop as we look forward to ringing in 2020.

We’ll be back next week talking about skin cancer with Cal as we move in to the summer party season.

This show, Episode #702 originally aired Thursday 26th December 2019.

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