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This week Cal talks to an array of organisations and individuals who have participated in Melbourne’s Pride March throughout its 25-year history.


  • Dykes on Bikes President Jo Bangles and the Pillions for Pride fundraiser
  • Switchboard’s Ada Castle from the Out and About Program – bringing LGBTIQ seniors to Pride March
  • Victoria Police Inspector Mark Keen from VP Pride (the LGBTIQ Employee Network at VicPol)
  • Mother Lateral Thinking from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

At the start of the episode, Cal talks to Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth for an exciting announcement regarding Victoria’s first LGBTI Community Volunteer Hub.

You can hear more from Inspector Mark Keen about his time with Victoria Police and their first time marching in uniform in this previous episode of the Victorian Police Community Hour.

And for more information on Pride March head to: www.midsumma.org.au



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Cal Hawk is one of the producers and presenters of "Well, Well, Well" JOY's specialist show dedicated to helping LGBTIQ communities look after their health and wellbeing, presented by Thorne Harbour Health.


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