This week Well Well Well is brought to you by the work of TGD Wellbeing – Project Officer at Thorne Harbour Son Vivienne. Son leads Thorne Harbour Health’s online Transcripts series featuring experts and community stakeholders in trans, gender diverse & non-binary wellbeing. They’ll come together to discuss the status quo in medical treatments, peer-support and best practice in the state of Victoria and beyond, hosted by Thorne Harbour Health

Unfortunately, we have not been able to bring you the entire Transcripts series in this episode due to the length of our program, and the visual nature of some of the presentations – so to view the entire Transcripts presentation hosted by TGD Wellbeing – Project Officer at Thorne Harbour Son Vivienne. Head to to find when Transcripts will be next presented live where you can engage directly with the subject matter at hand. 

Thank you to Son and the presenters for making this recording available to us for Well Well Well.

Check out the entire presentation online