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Esh and Miss Katalyna cooking

Miss Katalyna and Esh cooking together during the filming of episode 5 of The Bent Spoon

This week was the premiere of Thorne Harbour Health’s new web series – The Bent Spoon. Jessie returns to co-host with Cal and discuss this exciting new series showcasing the diverse cuisines and personal stories of LGBTI community members. Miss Katalyna joins the conversation to talk about coming on board as the host of The Bent Spoon. Later, two of the show’s cooks, Esh and Babu, talk about their stories and the intersection of food and identity with health and wellbring.For more information on the series, including the latest episode, head to: thorneharbour.org/thebentspoon


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Cal Hawk is one of the producers and presenters of "Well, Well, Well" JOY's specialist show dedicated to helping LGBTIQ communities look after their health and wellbeing, presented by Thorne Harbour Health.


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