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Michael and Tex this week chat with Thorne Harbour Health’s Alcohol and other Drug Team Leader Nic Robinson-Griffith about our alcohol and drug consumption over the past year, and how we can support one another in improving our health and wellbeing when it comes to substances. We discuss services to help folk manage their use, to check-in, and make our use safer.


Later Michael and Tex catch up about how to cope with social isolation over the holidays, something our community has become adept at over the tumultuous year of 2020.


For Thorne Harbour Health services head to:


Rewired and Rewired 2.0




For support these holidays contact:

Rainbow Door



About the author: Michael


Michael is a Health Educator at Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Victorian AIDS Council), working in the Sexually Adventurous Men (SAM) Project and it's Down an' Dirty campaign.

- Michael is a producer, co-host and podcast editor for Well, Well, Well @ 8pm Thursday nights on JOY discussing sex, health, and well-being in our LGBTI communities.

- Michael is a producer, co-host and podcast editor for Hide and Seek @ 9pm Wednesday nights on JOY discussing gay men's sex!

Michael is also a PrEP advocate with PAN [PrEPaccessNOW], and enjoys a well made negroni.


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