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For this episode of Well, Well, Well, Jessie is joined by both Jono, the creative mastermind behind BARBA & Stay HOMO, as well as Chris Cheers, a psychologist and part of the BARBA family, to have a chat about the campaign and some practical tips to manage these unique times.

BARBA is an all-inclusive, sex-positive queer collective run by queer people of colour (POC) and showcasing some of the finest queer talent from Australia and across the globe. BARBA aims to be bring people together by giving opportunities to LGBTQ+ people to party together, create art, express themselves and break free of societal constraints.

The BARBA collective and followers are a diverse mix of LGBTQ+ individuals and POC, some of them who were born overseas, whether international students, migrants or refugees. BARBA has a strong brand identity and is seen as trusted influencer and community leaders in the Queer Artist and multicultural LGBTQ+ communities.

When COVID hit, a lot of the members felt disconnected from their tight knit community. BARBA decided to create the campaign STAY HOMO to support their friends through the isolation of COVID with practical steps to manage their mental health, social health and overall wellbeing.

Click here to check out the STAY HOMO campaign


About the author: Jessie


Jessie works in the Health Promotion Team as a Health Educator at Thorne Harbour Health.
She is a co-host and producer of the Well Well Well radio show and has a keen interest in harm reduction, alcohol and other drugs, sexuality and sexual health.


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