(Image by Peter Walples-Crowe: Alpine Dingoes & Corroboree Frogs – both creatures found on Ngarigu Country)

This week, Jessie has invited Peter Waples-Crowe and Luke George to discuss self-expression through art. Peter is a Ngarigo artist who shares with us his experience of the intersection between being Aboriginal and queer, and how he uses art to express this experience, as well as make sense of it, whilst using it as his own personal healing tool. Peter has been been a finalist several times in the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards as well as the Victorian Indigenous Art Awards.

Our second guest, Luke George, who is an international artist, rope-worker and performer, shares with us on how he uses art to push the boundaries in the exploration of intimacy as an artist and in the process uncovers new layers in how the audience engages with the art. Luke has recently been appointed as Artistic Associate of Temperance Hall and is a recipient of a fellowship from Australian Council of the Arts.

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(Image by Luke George – Displays of Affection #2)