Hell On The Way To Heaven – Chrissie and Anthony Foster


Today we need to warn you in advance that some of what will be discussed will be very disturbing. In fact it is bloody revolting – and we advise you use your discretion if you have children with you.
The topic of child sexual abuse is disturbing, upsetting and tragic. But it is a relevant and necessary conversation that we, as a community, must have. And our interview today will prove just why it is absolutely imperative that parents and children discuss such matters.
Our guests today met over 30 years ago. Shortly after falling in love they got married and had three beautiful daughters.
But their wish for family bliss would be ripped apart – over and over and over again. Two of their girls were repeatedly sexually abused by their Priest and Teacher – Father Kevin O’Donnell – arguably one of Australia’s most prolific pedophiles.
Determined to shed light on the darkness that shadows the systematic child sexual abuse by paedophilic priests ….and the relentless refusal by the Catholic Church’s hierarchy to acknowledge the thousands of lives destroyed by such deliberate and reprehensible cover-ups, our guests today refuse to be silenced.