Rev Joy Etwell – Cult versus Religion


It pretty much universally accepted that the one thing we humans need – want – desire – more than anything else, is LOVE…. Being loved – being accepted – being a part of something bigger than you as an individual gives us purpose and a sense of belonging. Its where we define relationships, togetherness, marriage and even Community.

Its also universally accepted that since we humans walked on this planet, we have been searching for a reason as to why we are here – how did we get here – and who is responsible.
The Meaning of Life – Your Life’s Purpose – Why are we here – Who made us? These questions are seemingly eternal yet there are many who tell us they have the answers.

Nothing, it seems, can unite us – and divide us – like Religion. But say the word CULT – and most of us would be together in our distain for such organisations.
Google Religion versus Cult and you will get more than 6 and a half million responses….all trying to make a distinction between the two.

Todays guest grew up in NZ – and was born into a cult. Today she is an out and proud lesbian…who isn’t afraid of throwing her leg of a motorbike wearing full leather gear.
She is also a woman of GOD and the pastor at Melbourne’s MCC. And I bet she has her own definitions of what a cult is…